" The juggler is the most extraordinary of all time ”  

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A presentation full of colors and emotion. Jefferson Freire leads the audience to vibrate in the juggling. The objects rise and fall at a speed that confuses the eyes of the public, all packed with lots of dance, charisma and comedy. The fast pace with juggling makes the audience feel in the fun universe, marked by the contagious rhythm and the surprises that are happening throughout the show with the participation of the audience at every moment. The adrenaline mixes between Jefferson and the public that breaks the barrier that divides the artist's audience and in this intense energy of colors, music and skills explodes of virtuosity transforming the circus into a contagious universe.

Jefferson Freire is an artist specializing in entertainment, focused on the production of shows and events for children, young and adult audiences. shows for companies, schools, residences, buffets, prefectures, theaters, malls and events in general ...

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