Violinist and juggler jefferson freire

“ The most lively, energetic and captivating juggler to come ” // The Giggle

Jefferson Freire began juggling in 2005, learned from street performer Anderson Perreira, who is the best juggler in Brazil. Born in the suburb of São Paulo / South Zone started with his activities but I wanted to learn for fun, but something incredible happened in my life made it the air of my life. It was very surprising how could not stop training, it was rainy days and sunny days up at school was my stuff was my clubs (juggling).
Since life is very difficult I grew up and I understood the difficulty that my mother Eula passed, I could not leave it alone I had to do something. Then with my head held high and a smile went to the urban streets. I spent most of my time at the Lighthouses earning some change so I survived day by day. But I knew that one day I would achieve my dream of being a great artist.
I know that in this life to many barriers but nothing prevented me I fought and fought, for believing in the magic of a dream which in true life today I am a part.

After this period I began to work in small circuses, gaining prominence with its presentation. His technique, which gradually improved, added to his natural charisma yielded more and more work in various events.

In 2006 I had the opportunity to work in the circus company Tapias Voadores and 2008 I was a juggling teacher in the first circus school in Diadema.
Always looking for new challenges. And with that elevation of his work he has increased his contracts for corporate events.
With this I gained recognition and was sponsored by the jr brand juggling.

Also participating in various conversions of circus and juggling in Brazil nationally and internationally.

In 2009 I work in several circus companies in Brazil
(Spacial circus, Dinapoli circus, Montreal circus, European circus) and various street theater companies.

In 2012 I had the opportunity to enter one of the largest circus companies in Brazil the Casuo Universo - which is formed by talents from all over the country. In the team are dozens of excellent professionals such as artists, dancers, stylists, makeup artists, musicians, producers the show has already been seen by millions of people.
In 2013 I entered the Braapa theater school studying and graduating as
professional actor. And participating in some theater work.

In 2014 I had the passion to learn to play some instrument and I entered the conservatory of music to play violin, I started to study in the house of diadema music - são paulo and over the years I entered the concervatorio of the foundation of the arts in são caetano - são Paulo .

In 2017 I participated in the largest juggling festival in the world WJF - Word juggling Federantion being the second Brazilian in history to participate in this festival.